Property Verification ₦70,000

Out of every 10 houses we verify for buyers, less than 4 are suitable for purchase. 6 either have a title defect, have serious encumbrances or have hidden legal issues.

We are trusted partners experienced in helping property buyers avoid falling victim to fraudulent property sellers.

Many houses and properties in Nigeria are built on illegal and encumbered land. Meanwhile, unscrupulous sellers seek to sell such bad properties to unsuspecting buyers. Most property buyers are unaware of hidden problems and defects at the point of buying land until  land issues arise and they have lost millions of Naira.

At Landcheck, we believe every land buyer has a right to know the hidden things about the land such a buyer intends buying. 

Landcheck operates a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY FOR BRIBERY AND CORRUPTION. It is our policy to conduct all of our business in an honest and ethical manner. We do not receive bribes or other inducements from property sellers, agents, developers, professionals or other parties. We do do not accept bribes or inducements in any form.

How Landcheck Protects Home buyers From Serious Problems

30+ Legal and Technical Issues Thoroughly Verified

We consider all possible issues and cover all possible angles to protect you from property scams.

Property Fraud and Forgery Investigation

Our trained Professionals verify documents provided to be sure such documents are not forged or intended to be used for fraud.

Legal Opinion by Experienced Lawyers

Experienced property lawyers give you informed opinion on whether to proceed with the purchase or not.

Geophysical Investigation By Licensed Surveyors

Licensed Surveyors pick up physical coordinates of the property and inform you if it's under encumbrances or not.

Title Documents Fully Investigated

All documents over the property are verified at various government offices for validity and authorization.

Building Approvals Duly Verified

Building Approvals over the property are verified to prevent buyers from buying illegal houses which may be demolished.

Before Landcheck approves any house for you to buy, we undertake several verifications at the Lands registry,  Surveyor General’s office, Bureau of Lands, New Towns Development Authority, Building Control Agency, Physical Planning and Development Authority and several offices of many other regulators in the housing sector. 

The advantage Landcheck offers is that we work with experienced Property lawyers, Surveyors, Engineers and other Professionals specialised exclusively in real estate. With our years of experience in protecting property buyers from property scams, we are available to help you avoid buying a problematic property or being outrightly scammed

If Landcheck conducts comprehensive legal verification and fraud detection to determine the authenticity of documents you’ve been given. We check if the approvals are validly issued and if the seller is an impostor or fraudster. We check court records for pending litigation and confirm that if you buy the property, you have absolute rest of mind. 

Our investigation covers all aspects of verification of property ownership, documents, drawings, title and government approvals. A review of the documents  is done by our lawyers. In addition, our Surveyors go to the land to get the exact coordinates of the property to be sure you are not being sold a property built on land under government acquisition which faces imminent demolition. 

The entire verification process is usually concluded within 10 working days commencing from the date of payment. Any anticipated delays would be communicated to you beforehand.

Every discovery is confidential and would be disclosed to only the client. Based on our findings, we provide you with a simple, precise and comprehensive report laying down the bare facts and advising you either to buy or walk away with your money.

30+ Ways Landcheck Protects Property Buyers.

Before Landcheck approves a house for you to buy, we investigate and verify check 30+ things to protect the buyer.

  1. Copies of Deed of Assignment
  2. Copies of Contract of Sale /Land Agreement /Power of Attorney, etc
  3. Inspection of Purchase receipt
  4. Pending litigation (if any) 
  5. Litigation history
  6. Sighting of Survey plan
  7. Sighting of layout
  8. Title number of registered titles
  9. Name of maker of existing Survey plan
  10. Address of maker of existing survey
  11. Survey plan number of existing survey
  12. Date existing survey was made
  13. Inspect sample contracts to be executed (If a Real estate company is selling)
  14. Verifying exact location of the land
  15. Physical coordinates of the land
  16. Size of the land
  17. Name of the seller
  18. Address of the seller
  19. Name of the owner
  20. Address of the owner
  21. Name of previous owner
  22. Address of previous owner
  23. Year of purchase
  24. Reason for selling
  25. Purpose of purchase by the buyer
  26. Investigation of the prior owner
  27. Investigating people around the land.
  28. Omonile fees
  29. Other hidden fees
  30. Land use restrictions
  31. Traditional land practices
  32. Proximity to amenities

Property Verification


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