Transaction Documentation, Advisory & Support

5% of Value

We advise on all property types of real estate investments. Having advised on the acquisition over 0.5 Billion Naira worth of properties, our team has extensive experience in all aspects of acquiring all types of properties and structuring complex transactions.

Landcheck has handled acquisitions and dispositions of commercial and residential property in various parts of Nigeria. We are fully versed in the statutory real estate transaction procedures at these locations, and are adept at keeping transaction costs to their legal minimum.


How Landcheck Supports You

Property Negotiations

Landcheck has the expertise and capacity to lead property negotiations on your behalf. We get you maximum value.

Property Transfer Documentation

Your documents are prepared by Landcheck's Lawyers and Surveyors who are committed to offering maximum legal protection for your investment.

Transaction Guidance

Our team of walks you through the transaction cycle from property purchase to title perfection. We deploy all resources to protect your investment.

Leading Industry Insights

Our rare but vast knowledge of the local real estate sector is deployed to help you get the best possible deals.

Landcheck represents buyers in the acquisition of residential and commercial real estate. Our platform is ideally suited to those buyers who seek to invest in real estate with minimal exposure to the many dangers associated with buying properties in Nigeria. We understand the regulatory requirements  and laws that must be met to successfully acquire a property and we have a history of satisfied clients.

How Landcheck Protects You .

We take a professional approach to our business and undertake fiduciary roles that require a high level of professional integrity.

We have a deep understanding of the property market and know what is worth investing in and when. We advise our clients on which property portfolio mix and ownership structure would best suit their investment goals, all the while bearing in mind their personal objectives, lifestyle and legacy issues.

Our investment advisory strategy ensures that whilst we are centered on creating profitable investments for our clients, we remain mindful of investment risks to ensure that assets are preserved and value enhanced over the course of the investment.

Transaction Documentation, Advisory and Support

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