Buying a Land or House in Nigeria?

Landcheck saves you from losing your money to property scams, fraud and 419.

Landcheck protects you from losing your millions to property fraud and scams.

Every day, thousands Nigerians get scammed while trying to buy properties in Nigeria. Billions of Naira get lost to land scammers every month and the Courts are full of unresolved land disputes. If you buy a problematic land in Nigeria today, you may spend the next 2 decades in various courts dragging land ownership and title. Meanwhile, your millions of Naira cannot be recovered.

Unfortunately, those buying houses don’t fare better. You buy a house today, next week the government informs you that your house was built on government land. Next thing, demolition. Or you pay today, next week you discover that the seller has sold the same house to 4 people and you are the 5th buyer. Where do you want to even start dragging it from? How do you avoid these numerous problems?

How do you avoid falling into scams when buying a house or land in Nigeria?

As a Nigerian abroad, how do you buy a property in Nigeria without getting defrauded?

How do you ensure that your documents are in order and you have nothing to fear?

How do you ensure that the government won’t demolish your property in the future?

How do you avoid more than 30 different types of property scams in Nigeria?

How do you buy properties from real estate companies without getting scammed?

Landcheck protects land and property buyers from all types of property fraud, scams and 419. Landcheck was created by core real estate professionals with decades of combined experience. Our intent is to protect you from these problems. So, we created Landcheck and ensured it is Easy to use, Accurate and 100% Honest. 

Landcheck is our UNBIASED LEGAL and PROFESSIONAL opinion on that property you want to buy and the risks of buying it. We advise you either to buy the property, or run away and save yourself from losing your millions to property scams. 

Easy To Use

Landcheck takes the risk and stress off your shoulders when buying property. You can order from anywhere in the world, make payment, sit back, relax as we uncover all hidden facts about the land or property you intend buying. The entire process is online and we are open to your questions 24/7.

Indepth Investigation

Once Landcheck receives instructions to verify a property, our investigation is extensive. We visit the property, check for litigation, analyse all documents, obtain geophysical survey details of the site, verify all titles over the property, check for physical defects on the structure, cross-check details at relevant government and regulatory agencies before we finally send you a comprehensive report.


The reports we provide are confidential. Our duty is to protect the buyer and the buyer only. We only work with qualified Property lawyers, Surveyors Engineers and regulated real estate professionals. We believe your decision should be independent and so, we do not share our findings with third parties, agents or sellers.

Buying Land?

We save you from falling victim to more than 30 types of land scams which can cost you Millions of Naira. 

Buying a House?

Using Landcheck protects you from being defrauded or buying properties with problems which may end up being demolished.

How it Works

1. Request for Property Verification

You make an order via our official WhatsApp line, a phone call or an email. We request for basic info about the property you wish to verify as well as contacts of persons who can give us documentation on the property. We also send you an invoice.

2. Make Payment

You make full payment for the verification into the designated bank account provided and we send you a payment receipt. Full payment validates your order and we commence the verification process upon payment.

3. Receive a First Assessment Report

Within 48 Hours after payment is received, we scrutinize all provided documents and information for a first assessment report. We provide an informed opinion on the state of the property based on present information. Thus initial report gives the buyer an idea of what to expect.

4. Receive a Full Investigative Report

Landcheck's Investigative style moves from the known to the unknown. Hence, we work with documents and information received. After receiving documents, we inspect the property, analyze all documents, verify litigation history at various courts, obtain physical survey details, verify legal titles, verify all approvals granted at relevant government agencies. Our comprehensive report is based on information drawn from our findings.


Learn how to protect yourself from being scammed when investing in real estate in Nigeria. We show you how property scammers and fraudulent real estate companies scam buyers and we teach you how to avoid them. 

Don’t be fooled by aggressive marketing and glossy adverts. Learn how some real estate companies use to scam property buyers and how to avoid scams when buying properties from real estate companies. 

A lot of properties in Lagos with this bad type of Certificate of Occupancy are at risk of demolition at any time. Unfortunately, the owners are ignorant of the huge problems they are in.

Learn how to avoid their mistakes. 


Why verify with Landcheck?

Landcheck offers the opportunity to independently verify properties for sale in Nigeria from anywhere in the world. With any Internet enabled device, you can contact Landcheck to investigate and verify that the property for sale is absolutely free of litigation or encumbrances of any kind and free of scams, fraud and 419.

Where does Landcheck cover?

Landcheck currently covers all parts of Lagos. We also cover parts of Ogun and Oyo States. We aim to cover the entire country eventually. If your preferred location is not one of the areas Landcheck presently covers, we can leverage our network of lawyers and other property professionals to get protect you in your property transactions.

How do I make an order?

Our order process is very easy. A. Request for Property Verification via phone call, Email or via WhatsApp. B. Pay for your preferred verification option, C. Get your Comprehensive Search Report.

Are your Verification fees negotiable?

Due to the enormous expenses and logistics required, we incur considerable costs. Our painstaking processes enable our clients to get complete information and we wouldn't sacrifice accurate information for reduced costs. Hence, our fees are not negotiable.

What's the time frame of the process?

The entire process takes 10 business days and commences from the day payment for verification is made.

How does Landcheck work?

Our operations are both overt and covert. We approach all persons and offices we require to obtain the needed information. However, we sometimes also obtain information from unnamed sources.

Can I visit Landcheck's office?

While we are available through all of our online channels, you are very welcome to visit our office. However, due to the current public health situation, it would require that you book a prior appointment.

Any redress option open to Clients?

Landcheck comprises of property lawyers, licensed surveyors, engineers and other professionals who belong to regulated professions. For clients who are dissatisfied with our services, we offer 50% refunds provided no search report has been sent to the client.

Talk to Us

Tel: +234 80 77372225


Address: Obadina Street, Omole Phase 1, Ikeja, Lagos. 

Landcheck operates a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY FOR BRIBERY AND CORRUPTION. It is our policy to conduct all of our business in an honest and ethical manner. We do not receive bribes or other inducements from property sellers, agents, developers, professionals or other parties. We do do not accept bribes or inducements in any form.

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